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  1. Autologin und "Passwort ändern" sperren
  2. How do I modify the project module for assigning user roles?
  3. Need a help to make a new field (dynamic list)
  4. Calendar day run very slowly
  5. End Task when a project is finished
  6. dot project logs out automatically
  7. User Information From AD
  8. Pwd change and PHP update
  9. "Reports" on main menu
  10. Task Dependency mod/question
  11. Task log report by department
  12. Register half an hour in the task
  13. Make default settings in calendar view "All Companies" and "All Events"
  14. New Project Import??
  15. Add resource types to resources module?
  16. Journal Module and v. 2.1.5
  17. Annotations Module Error
  18. Project Template and Files???
  19. How Do I Add A Tab in Project View?
  20. Links Won't Show Up
  21. 2:00 Login is Too Slow!!
  22. JpGraph Error 6007
  23. configure dotproject
  24. Wrong url in mails
  25. Moving files from Project level to Task level
  26. Simplified task view
  27. French special char on password
  28. Assigned Users Column Width
  29. E-mail, after adding new company
  30. Restricting to projects inside a department
  31. Table 'dotproject.dotp_user_access_log' doesn't exist
  32. Customizing Error Messge when adding a new project
  33. calendar views
  34. Modify import tasks from dropdown
  35. Error when logging in. Something wrong with sessions... (after upgrade OS)
  36. Prevent Forum watch emails from containing confidential info
  37. insert query
  38. insert query
  39. invoice module and other questions
  40. Let's Get A Current Answer To An Old Question About Speed
  41. Pin Me Question
  42. RSS Question
  43. On Re-Sizing Check-Out Pop-Up Box
  44. adding the dotProject to an exsiting system
  45. Report help
  46. People w Custom Roles Not Showing Up
  47. Export calendar
  48. link next page on ticket
  49. Can project task duration calculation feature be disabled?
  50. multiple ldap domain authentication
  51. Task notification not send regularly
  52. Does Dotproject have Baseline option in MS project?
  53. Program does not send e-mails to human resources
  54. Forum watch emails are not sent version 2.1.5
  55. Announce of New Theme
  56. Announce of New Theme gui
  57. Calendar Day_view link to Events
  58. It´s Possible To Hyde Owner Filter Window?
  59. Task completion checkbox
  60. Creating a new module
  61. What's The Latest RE: Repetitive Tasks?
  62. Modify Login Page logo
  63. Projectlist Customization
  64. Department Website Link
  65. How to get duration to show on Gantt Chart
  66. Some emails not going out
  67. Actual working build?
  68. Working Days and Hours
  69. Assig user to project
  70. Shared Billing codes
  71. gantt chart
  72. Add a column to the tasks to do list.
  73. Contacts in Task creation
  74. Task Notification
  75. Issue with Translation Management
  76. How to sort by Assigned User --> view project window
  77. Color change
  78. Multi Line Search
  79. Multi-Line Search?
  80. SmartSearch too sensative
  81. Display Name changes
  82. Real Names -> Task Assigned Users
  83. Exporting to GanttProject (.GAN) or OpenProject (.POD)
  84. Gannt Chart customization
  85. Adding a custom field to task log entries
  86. Add a column in the view.php
  87. New task - automatic end date fill
  88. How to customize PDF print
  89. Need some Help
  90. help needed: Few customizations
  91. WP Memberships, Tweaking Templates, and Membership Access - I need help!
  92. Bug in "Answer ticket - by email"?
  93. How to view the project?
  94. Calling CDpObject directly is no longer supported
  95. Ticket from Project and Project from Ticket
  96. rename department
  97. Auto email task and log contacts
  98. How to search custom fields
  99. Display 'projects' module when login
  100. How to copy or clone an existing module with different name?
  101. Does anyone actually answer?
  102. Managing users from another db connection
  103. Change default view in Files module
  104. Project module: All and Gantt tabs not working