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Topic: What You Use dotProject For

The new items published under this topic are as follows.
 Menttes uses dotproject
Jan 11, 2007 - 07:34 PM :: r0ver :: 27028 Reads
What You Use dotProject ForDotproject is very valuable software for daily tasks in Menttes

 Bespoke Web Development (SEO) Project Management
Jun 08, 2006 - 08:16 PM :: crusader :: 32013 Reads
What You Use dotProject For

Taking Search Engine Optimisation and Web Development Project Management to the web

We at SEO Crusade have been reviewing dotProject for the last year or so. With the confidence that dotProject is the answer for online project management, we have taken it live.
We have customised the look and feel of dotProject, as well as producing a couple of bespoke modules for the framework
dotProject is definitely the way forward for online project management

 Expansion of Harmony School
Feb 27, 2006 - 09:34 AM :: Harmony :: 28444 Reads
What You Use dotProject ForThis program will help us track the various aspects of the expansion project. This may take a little time to learn to use this program. Once we begin to use this program, we can all be informed and stay current on the stauts of all the various phases of design and construction.

 Assist Building and Maintenance goes from paper to web with dotProject
Feb 21, 2006 - 06:08 PM :: beach_defender :: 30946 Reads
What You Use dotProject ForAs a medium sized conctruction and maintenance engineering company Assist were struggling to manage their work load through faxes and emails. About 12 months ago they decided to automate their project management activities and after a review of alternatives and with the help of hpfm solutions they have implemented dotProject for all their job management requirements. Currently they have some 72 projects with 2500+ individual activites in the system. The system has been bedded down and a range of new business processes derived to further simplify the coordination and management of both staff and sub-contractors.

Over the next 6-12 months hpfm will be helping Assist integrate dotProject with their financials and XML job requests.

 More than just project management
Feb 12, 2006 - 04:51 PM :: jimmo :: 28681 Reads
What You Use dotProject ForThe Linux Knowledge Base and Tutorial uses dotProject not only as its primary project management tool, but also to store events and other information that we need to keep track of.

With all of the features and content we have, running the Linux Tutorial is not an easy task. We are constantly improving and adding to our already extensive offering. When we first started, all of our TODOs were managed with lists in various text files or piles of notes. As the site grew, the number of things we needed to keep track of grew considerably and our so-called management system was obviously not up to the task. After we tried a couple of different project management tools, we finally decided upon dotProject and never looked back.

We have defined projects for the major functional and content areas within the Tutorial. These serve to help organize the tasks and sub-tasks. Since we constantly upgrading and improving these site, the individual tasks come and go, but these projects never end. Currently we are managing over 50 project, with 300 tasks. With the limited number of people working on this project, it is still a daunting taks. However, without dotProject it would be near impossible.

In gratitude for the work done and how much it is helping us, we have added dotProject to the list of "powered by" icons, which you can find at the bottom of each page. Please visit us when you get a chance by pointing your browser to www.linux-tutorial.info.

Thanks for a great product!

 Managing the Band!
Jan 16, 2006 - 06:05 PM :: cassiemaas :: 18151 Reads
What You Use dotProject ForI am managing an alternative hip hop band based out of Los Gatos called 7Leaves. You wouldn't think we would need a project management tool, but there is a lot that goes on with the group. The studio we work out of does not have internet access, so Dotproject acts as our virtual office. We can place files online so everyone can check out the latest artwork we are considering for a flyer or promo piece. The guys can upload music and pull it off to work on it elsewhere or to share with each other.

We are also able to use the calendar to keep track of meetings and gigs so we don't have conflicts. It helps us to see the big picture and keeps us all informed and on the same page.

You can check out their music at http://www.7lcrew.com and be sure to come back in the coming months if you like their sound as we'll be adding e-commerce to the site and you'll be able to buy their cds online.

 dotProject in Transport and Logistics Industry
Dec 05, 2005 - 05:34 PM :: vncoder :: 25043 Reads
What You Use dotProject ForAfter madly searching for an easy to use web-based project management tool, I came across dotProject when it was only in its infancy stage of version 1.02 which was not usable for our purpose. However, when version 2 was released, great improvements to the software were made which led the decision to deploy dotProject within the company's IT department - made up of 15 people of different specialties ; software engineering, business analyst, helpdesk, PC supports, computer operators and managers.

 Excellent Project Management & Trouble Ticket Tool
Jun 22, 2005 - 09:26 PM :: wharf65 :: 32366 Reads
What You Use dotProject ForComprised of only two technicians (one full-time and one part-time), the Natural Sciences & Engineering Division at Western Piedmont Community College is often called upon to provide tech support for not only our Division, but campus-wide as well! We are planning on using dotProject for Trouble Ticket management as well as other wide-scale project management functions. We are just realizing the power of this software (and the flexibility!) and envision wide-scale use of the software by our faculty, staff and even students! I only hope support for this software grows and the developers become more committed to improving an already great package.

Thanks dotProject.net!

<a href= rel="nofollow">www.wpcc.edu

 US Hang Gliding Association goes dotProject!
Mar 21, 2005 - 04:47 PM :: webmaestro :: 7858 Reads
What You Use dotProject ForYou'd be surprised that a bunch of Hang and Para Gliding pilots would use Project Management software, but we're finding that it's going to really help us keep track of all that we're planning on doing to develop our Organization and take our processes to the next level.This is a very cool tool and we're looking forward to seeing what 2.0 has to offer. Hopefully we'll see some expansions to TicketSmith, particularly with communications.Thanks much for all the hard work! We're liking it so far!Need a lift? Join the USHGA and start soaring!www.ushga.org

 2.0 Beta Rocks -Win2000
Mar 17, 2005 - 05:27 PM :: Sarexpert :: 7878 Reads
What You Use dotProject ForJust installed Dotproject 2.0Beta on EasyPHP Apache/PHP/MySql package running on Windows 2000. Install was a snap, and most everything works except Gantt charts! (no crash)

We tried 1.02 a while ago and it was a most but not all solution for our small engineering firm for project management, and decided to wait for the new version. 2.0 makes organizing projects so easy! We have been setting templates for our repeat jobs.

I expect that this will give us a big boost in productivity, once the database is fully built with our customer base.

Note: NOTE: Custom field deleting is something that the developer is currently looking at as a result of the beta - thanks to those that checked this brand new function out. Read full article: '2.0 Beta Rocks -Win2000'
 Las Vegas Casino
Feb 08, 2005 - 12:08 AM :: kurt_lv :: 10655 Reads
What You Use dotProject For I work as a Unix Network Administrator in Las Vegas NV, and the Company I work for was not using any kind of helpdesk or project managment software, for that matter they had no intentions of using any . W e are a four man I.T. Team that take care of 6-7 small to large Casino's and the need to be come organised as well as client tracking of calls was great, No one could see the benafit until I introduced them to Dotproject. Why Dotproject you ask when their are so many others of it's kind out there, Because of my love for three things OpenSource, Php, and Mysql. Dotproject's flexibility is out standing you get a great helpdesk or ticketting system not to mention a document site, forum and project managment solution, and that's just the start. I have taken the lead at the company as far as showing them that great idea's / software does not have to say Microsoft and cost alot of money to be good. Thank you Dotproject for you time, development, and dedication.

 A Great Start!
Jan 30, 2005 - 05:39 PM :: royh :: 5749 Reads
What You Use dotProject ForI've used SF and M$ Project. DotProject is the best Open Source implementation I've seen for a Project Management application. I'm going to start using it right away and have my clients try it as well. I do mostly software development / management.

Good job.

 dotproject and the glamorous film business!
Jan 23, 2005 - 06:03 PM :: kristen_maxwell :: 6501 Reads
What You Use dotProject ForI am producing an indepndent short film called The Cacophone. It is the tale of a mysterious, mystical musical instrument, and one young girl's destiny to master it. Shot in glorious High Definition video, this movie is to be a crowning achievement of the graduate film department at the Savannah College of Art ad Design.

As with most indie films, we tend to snicker when people mention the word "budget." Still, managing a film production is like running a small (often zany) company, and the need for good project management tools is everpresent. So it is with great joy that i discovered dotproject, which I am using to organize our long-range production plans, and to provide a unified interface where memebers of the cast, crew, and community can share information, ideas, and general communication about the project.

Thanks to the dotproject team for such a nice tool, at the right price! And if you want to keep abreast of our opus of a film, please stop by thecacophone.com!

 Using DP for Trouble Ticket and work order management
Jan 18, 2005 - 06:08 PM :: sberkman :: 15888 Reads
What You Use dotProject For

I am a Network Engineer for Reignmaker Communications and I set up dot project as our trouble ticket management system to replace an expensive online asp we had been using. The projects system is being used to manage our work orders, and the companies list is perfect for maintaining client lists.

 Using dotProject for Web Design and Personal Projects
Jan 12, 2005 - 10:24 PM :: FuzzieDice :: 5678 Reads
What You Use dotProject ForMy name is Tika and I am using dotProject to plan web design projects. Currently I'm working with one client and have one very large ongoing project to manage, and sometimes have additional projects to work on. We currently collaborate in email, but I'm hoping that if dotProject works out on my local computer, I may integrate it on my domain and let my client access it as well so we can develop the projects easier. I also use dotProject to plan my own sites and some of my other personal projects.

I love the way dotProject organizes tasks and sub-tasks, and also allows me to keep separate notes on web site URLs and cost. Even the built in log/timer is something I hope to make more use of. I also like seeing the percentage of completion of each project, project color-coding and organizing according to 'in progress', 'proposed', etc. And, I also like the ability to attach files to tasks so that I can have extra needed resources handy. This is nice for things like developing scripts, or even getting your income tax forms together.

dotProject is turning out to be a good way to outline, plan and work on just about any project you can think of.

 dotproject is perfect
Jan 09, 2005 - 05:40 PM :: tjwoot :: 4631 Reads
What You Use dotProject ForMy name is Tim and I am a website developer. I've been looking for some simple way to track projects and dotproject is simply perfect! It has just about everything I need. I'm also using it to track my personal goals. I set my main goal as the project and all the sub goals as tasks, very cool.

 Dotproject as an IT Project / Task Manager
Dec 08, 2004 - 05:44 PM :: jseverin :: 9357 Reads
What You Use dotProject ForI'm using dotProject because I got tired of working from a handwritten "to-do" list. Maintenance of the list over time grew very cumbersone. DotProject allows me to groups tasks into projects, and break the tasks down into parent, child, milestone and dependent tasks. It also allows me to produce status reports in the form of Gantt charts on request, which saves me the time and inconsistency of updating a project status document out on a filesystem somewhere. Although I am the only user, it is easy for others to log in and see what I'm up to. The Task Logs serve as a permanent record of the actions taken to resolve an issue and so serve as a kind of knowledge base. Finally, the ability to view all Task Logs across all projects for a time period are an easy way to show others (and to remind me) what I've been doing all day.

 Using dotProject: Database administration tracking
Dec 01, 2004 - 06:07 PM :: cgwillis :: 9089 Reads
What You Use dotProject ForThis program is wonderful! I use it to track my daily Database and Web administrations duties. Its marvelous for upgrade collaboration! Since im out of the office alot...its great that its available over the web....i can take notes and caputer error messages at anytime! The help desk module helps alot too. Add a time card module and it would be perfect!CAGW - Phoenix, AZ

 Using dotProject: Project Mediboard uses dotProject architecture
Nov 15, 2004 - 05:36 PM :: mytto :: 11078 Reads
What You Use dotProject ForMediboard is a set of full web PHP-MySQL applications aiming at managing medical patient files and healthcare centers. It's based on the excellent dotProject architecture and is composed of inter-connected and standalone modules.

We now reached the point where we have packaged the first stable release!

 dotProject = Improved Efficiency
Oct 27, 2004 - 06:26 PM :: tr0gd0r :: 7593 Reads
What You Use dotProject For We have a team of 6 employees that manage client timelines, process survey data, and deliver client reports. Although the team has been performing these assignments for a long time, we have had no uniform or effective way to track the 20+ projects and associated timelines that each team member manages--until we implemented dotProject.

 Cost effective project management
Oct 18, 2004 - 07:24 PM :: TheRussellHome :: 9065 Reads
What You Use dotProject ForI work for Lockheed Martin - the largest defense contractor in the world - where I recently transitioned into a project management role. I decided that I did not want to call each of my developers just to find out their status and the company did not want to pay (and rightfully so) the heafty license fees to Microsoft to make MS Project web enabled. After looking around, I selected dotproject as the best of bred (especially with the work going into permissions for version 2.0). I had it up and running in less than ten minutes and my developers were using it the next day. I have since showed it off to other projects leads who have expressed interest in using it as well. Dotproject has saved the company (and thus, ultimately, the tax payer) the money that would have gone into my time collecting statuses or into Microsoft's pockets.

 Another 2 businesses using dotproject
Oct 10, 2004 - 07:28 PM :: kcbnac :: 5977 Reads
What You Use dotProject ForWell, I searched on google for "task management" software, found dotproject, grabbed the current copy of XAMPP (I love that nice download) and after just an hour, was up and running with dotproject. I love the capabilities, and as such have shown it to my good friend and business associate (seperate businesses) and he now has it as well.

So another two happy users of dotproject!

Keep up the good work everyone, this thing does more than Mozilla Sunbird, Palm Desktop, Outlook and Project Professional all can do!

I'm not lookin back, even if I hit a snag. Because I know I can just add it myself, or recommend it, and unlike closed source programs, there's a good chance it'll get implemented.

Once again, great job everyone!

 dotProject Rocks!
Oct 05, 2004 - 07:38 PM :: skipevans :: 5772 Reads
What You Use dotProject ForWe are launching a new LAMP development consulting company here in Butte, Montana and are currently building our infrastructure along with our first client sites. dotProject is a great tool and a perfect fit for us! A hearty 'yeehaw' to everyone involved in its development.

 Why i use yours program? In order to complete my studies... and it is fantastic!
Sep 28, 2004 - 07:06 PM :: bonacchi :: 5695 Reads
What You Use dotProject ForHello, my name is Marco.I am an Italian student and i am graduating in "Computer Science". I write because i am realizing a new module for your program.In fact, for my thesis i am working to a model for the forecast of the engagement in the plans of production of software based on the model of Putnam.Well, i had the necessity to realize a working prototype of my application and have thought to integrate it inside yours program as a add-on module. This is the reason for which i use yours program and this has revealed a lot interesting, very made and easy to extend. Compliments for your job.Good bye, Marco.PS: I have a question. Someone is working to a module similar to mine? A module in order to carry out the analysis of the effort?

 Fantastic software
Sep 13, 2004 - 10:25 PM :: bluesin :: 4998 Reads
What You Use dotProject ForHi, just a quick note to commend you on this fantastic software you have here. I'm an employee of the largest computer company in the world and am an experienced MS project user. This product does what MS project just wishes it could do, that is, offer a clean, intuitive, logical and very well thought out process for managing projects.

As a hobby I run a fairly large blues festival, Harvest Moon Bluesfest.

I have been struggling with a good method for controlling the hundreds of tasks across dozens of people that have to all get done for an event of this nature. I downloaded it on Friday afternoon, by that evening I was using it, come today (Monday) every one of my staff has been taken through it and have loaded almost all of our tasks into it and we are tracking everything in a collaborative manner we only dreamed of last week.

These are not technical folks at all and most certainly are not the most computer literate folks around, however every one if them is happily using dotProject as if it was an old friend, this is after just a couple of hours using it.

Folks, it's that good, highly recommended software! Please, please, please donate to these folks and keep this project going.


 dotProject / Quasar Softech
Sep 10, 2004 - 01:37 AM :: paresh :: 4928 Reads
What You Use dotProject FordotProject is a Excellent Project Management Tool. Installed at http://www.quasarsoftech.com/dotproject/. I have written source code for a leading Project Management tool, but i would grade dotProject over and above that becasue its easy to install, maintain and light-weight. Moreover its easy to use and understand as all users who use them need not be so technical about project management. For example my graphic designers use these and havent complained about its use as they find it simple.

 A good project management tool for our new startup
Jul 22, 2004 - 05:14 PM :: simonth :: 8550 Reads
What You Use dotProject For2 colleagues of mine and myself just started our own internet solutions company based in Singapore called Azimuth Labs www.azimuthlabs.com

i was looking for a tool to keep track of our sales leads, in progress projects and clients contact list. good for me, i came across dotproject which gives me everything i am hoping for and more.

now we are using it to track our sales leads, projects progress (not to mention the fantastic gantt chart for tasks), clients list and the forum where we discuss about business ideas.

kudos to the dotproject team.

 Using it for team colaboration in Club Solaris
Jul 09, 2004 - 01:12 AM :: el_ade :: 7313 Reads
What You Use dotProject ForI'm using this software for about an a Mounth for the development of the Club Solaris web. Getting very good results in the team colaboration and reporting to our employeers of the development of the websites that compose the web. Dot Project is a very very fine piece of work. I have droped the Microsoft Project to and now I'm only using this excelent sotware.

 dotProject / EDU-IS
Jun 02, 2004 - 07:19 PM :: drew :: 7417 Reads
What You Use dotProject ForEDU-IS (EDU Internet Strategies http://www.edu-is.com) has just started a test drive of dotProject. From what we can see so far, it's a great piece of software, and will be a valuable tool for our web consulting group.

 dotProject used for development department at MOBA Mobile Automation
May 17, 2004 - 08:07 PM :: Wendebaum :: 8648 Reads
What You Use dotProject ForThe german medium sized firm MOBA Mobile Automation (www.moba.de, ~180 employees) is currently performing a test drive of the dotProject software and planning to introduce the system as a project management tool for the complete development department of 30 engineers in July 2004. Several adaptions and changes that we had on our wishlist were successfully performed by the dotProject team.

dotProject is a very good piece of software providing all tools necessary to organize and to manage a large group of developers in several projects. The possibility to adapt the system to the special needs of the company with the help of the developers makes the tool a perfect choice. The comparison with other non open-source tools showed, that dotProject is easier and faster to use and thanks to the open architecture much more cusomizable and adapteable than any other tool.

Thanks for support, help and the software itself, and keep on the good work,

J. Wendebaum

 Attleboro School Dept
Apr 18, 2004 - 06:33 PM :: Art :: 8297 Reads
What You Use dotProject For We are setting up this fantastic software as a helpdesk for an 11 building school system. We've made alot of changes, and some are still in progress, very easy to customize. Thanks to Revelation7 for all his help.
I've setup a guest account for anyone wishing to check it out. user ->guest password->guest.

This is still a work in-progress.

Thanks again to whole dotproject team, and Revelation7. Art

 The Expresso Beans Team
Apr 12, 2004 - 07:45 PM :: sunsetbrew :: 6331 Reads
What You Use dotProject ForWe use it to coordinate the volunteers that contribute to the website http://www.expressobeans.com/. The volunteers are all over the world and it can be a real challenge to get people sync'ed up with each other and that is why we use this fine tool. I can't wait to see it evolve. I will probably be making some contributions to it in terms of software enhancements.Thanks! Great work!Thomas Davis

 Using dotProject: Excellent Software and we appreciate it!
Mar 22, 2004 - 06:32 PM :: bigjoe22 :: 6818 Reads
What You Use dotProject ForWe at <FONT color=springgreen>Reaching Out Home Health Care tried many CMS systems, like Convea and a few others, BUT, none match up to the ease of installation and features of this project! We use it for all of our clients, employees, and business relations, and we have only begun!!! <FONT color=blueviolet>We challenge any other business out there to match our 50.00 donation and keep these guys workin!Thanks dotProject...please keep up the Great Work...

 Using dotProject: Vegas Weddings
Mar 21, 2004 - 06:02 PM :: Serwind :: 7034 Reads
What You Use dotProject For

AVegasWedding.com uses dotProject as its main data bank for booking and tracking the 400 to 600 weddings it will book in 2004.

 dotProject, as collaborative tool for non-profit organizations
Feb 17, 2004 - 11:10 PM :: frugalis :: 8496 Reads
What You Use dotProject ForWe are evaluating dotProject for NGOs who have to manage projects in an international environment. Today, dotProject is the best open source tool that meet our needs. We choose it for the present modules and mainly for its future potential. Congratulations to the developers! Before going live, we need a stable templating feature. I m sure they will soon solve this problem.Best Regards

 What do I use it for ?
Jan 30, 2004 - 08:19 PM :: delinuxbod :: 7115 Reads
What You Use dotProject ForI use dotProject for keeping track of a number of projects that need to be closely watched and effectively driven by a small team of software developers. I run it on a Redhat Linux 7.3 box, and it's very reliable.

This is a fantastic piece of open source development, keep up the good work all.

 Using dotProject: Software Development - Developers spread in a wide geographical area
Jan 20, 2004 - 12:23 AM :: Karen :: 18136 Reads
What You Use dotProject ForWe use dotProject to manage a wide range of software development projects for a range of different sorts of clients; companies and individuals.

 Using dotProject: Tell Us About What You Use dotProject For?
Jan 20, 2004 - 12:09 AM :: Karen :: 15558 Reads
What You Use dotProject ForPlease submit a news story and let us know what you are using or intending to use dotProject for.


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